Signature sur pièce Romain Bernex

A tool, a hand. a raw product, the red clay, which gets its color from the high content of iron. It’s the ground of the South, the tradition, the Mediterranean area, the ground that has ideal qualities for modelling.

The enamelling which give texture, gloss and color, are the trademark of  “Romain Bernex workshop” : the bath is developed from pigments and oxides to create colors that determine the character of an object.

A special carefulness allows each piece to be uniquely crafted. This enamelling process provides better results than an assembly line giving infinite colors like nature brings to our eyes.

The products are hand turned, then a thin under coat of clay is applied before baking : it’s the “engobage”. This traditional technique allows the preservation of the marks of the turning hand, but it smoothes the grooves and the finger imprints.

It’s from this technique ( red clay, “engobage”, colored translucid enamelling) that comes the stained glass effect, the gloss and the depth, the “handmade” aspect, the velvet sensation.

The production process needs about 30 manipulations, and a special know-how. It includes the following steps :

-  “The cru”

Hand turning, measuring stamping or modelling.

The finish : sponging, handles(for cups, and so on)

The “engobage” : coating with a thin undercoat of colored glaze.

The drying

-  “The biscuit”

Obtained after a first baking which turns the clay into ceramic

-  “The decoration”

Depending on the models (edging, calligraphy…)

-  “The enamelling”

Obtained by the application and the baking of a glaze in one or two steps.

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