Nature automnale

Each creation is deeply linked to the founder’s elements of  life: a walk in the country saturated with sun will give birth to a translucid glaze, or a subtil curve… An aperitif or a dinner with friends, will trigger the necessity of a new collection, a pitcher, a bowl, or a tray…

The clay, the turning lathe, the baking, the enamelled finish …. The technique helps the creation; the objects are born from necessity. The drawing belongs simply, naturally to the era, in the present time, with the desire to access to pure lines, to the greatest simplicity, the one which will make everyone think it has always existed even if they are belonging to the present moment….

In the workshop, we talk about “traditional design” which means beautiful and functional. Being in the tendency, useful, and being used… seduce.

Une réalisation h2studio et Kryptonic Studio