Romain Bernex Workshop 

Façade de l'atelier Romain Bernex

Romain Bernex Workshop has been created in 1998. It is led by Marie-Pierre and Cyrille Huyghues Despointes who create an original, useful, and decorative, luxurious, casual range of pottery. Its vibrant and glossy color is paired with a festive and cosmopolitan spirit.

Using a traditional process, the ceramics are entirely handmade by craftsmen. Through modern style mixed with traditional know-how, the pieces  surprises and  reassure at the same time by elegant form and colors inspired by Nature…

Today, the workshop employs 4 people, and has been able to seduce multiple countries beyond France like Japan, the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, Korea, India, Canada….


Le port autonome de Marseille

Like their founders, the Workshop is rooted in a territory: Southern France, in the town of Aubagne, in.

We are close to the Mediterranean Sea and Marseille, which town has been continuously inhabited over the centuries by people of different cultures coming from all around the Mediterranean Sea.

Between sea and hills, in this dry but smiling landscape, under the sun of the South which brings a unique light, we produce out of the red clay, pots of all kind and  shapes, for plenty of uses.

Aubagne is more than ever a shelter for creators, craftsmen and industry that has given to the ceramic its best nobleness…

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